Should I Decorate with Color or Neutrals?

Should I Decorate with Color or Neutrals?

Choosing a color palette for your home can be a daunting task. It seems very permanent. Unless you redecorate frequently, it can be a decision you have to live with for many years.

So do you go with your favorite color (it IS your favorite, so why not have it in your home), or do you stay in the safe, neutral zone?

Color is fun and adds personality to space. But a specific color may get dull, dated, or just OLD.

We are an online home decor store, and recently a customer told us she would buy my kitchen accessories if they were red. Her entire kitchen is red, and she doesn't want to stray from that. We see her point, she has invested in her current kitchen decor and accessories, and red is clearly a color she loves. But once the rest of the decor world is done with a color, it is difficult to find new items in that color scheme. It has been a while since we've seen red kitchen items.

So coming back to the original question, what color should you pick? 

Decorating with neutrals is the safe path. Neutrals create a clean look. It can make clutter look, well, less cluttered. Soft creams, ivory, and tans are easy on the eyes. Different shades mix well together. (Have you tried matching different shades of red? Not easy). But neutrals can be boring, especially if there is too much of the same tone.

We say to the lady who loves red and the safe, neutral gal, do both! 

The goal with colorful home decor is to showcase the actual color, and neutrals support that 100%. Too much of one color can be tamed with neutrals. Adding neutrals will make your favorite colors pop and stand out. And the safe decorator should incorporate pops of color in their home decor. A splash here and there looks excellent while you still love the color. Once you get over your 'favorite' color of the season, switching out those pieces is easier and more affordable.

We hope you find this helpful, and don't be afraid to tone down with neutral or add a pop of color to your rooms. Compromise makes the world a better place.

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