How to Beautify Your Bedroom with Scented Candles

How to Beautify Your Bedroom with Scented Candles

Don’t let their simplicity fool you – candles can profoundly affect your bedroom decor. The soft, flickering light helps create feelings of relaxation and romance, to say nothing of the enticing aromas that fill the space.

One of the best aspects of decorating with candles is also one of the toughest for many to master. With so many different scented candle options, how do you know what’s best for your bedroom? Let’s shine some light on the top tips for beautifying your bedroom with scented candles.

Scented Candles

Candle Types

First, you’ll want to select a candle type. If you’re unsure where to start, consider any of these three popular options, which look great alongside just about any decor.

Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are sturdy, round, and tall. They’re made with thick wax that allows for long burning times.

They have a simple, timeless style that fits practically any type of bedroom. Plus, they look elegant when displayed alone or in groups. Also, because they’re available in many shapes and heights, you can easily find the perfect options for your decoration preferences.

While pillar candles are generally low maintenance, they do burn from the outside, which means they can drip significant amounts of wax. They tend to drip more wax as they burn down, making them messy if improperly handled.


Votive candles are small and cylindrical, typically about two inches tall, with a diameter of about one and a half inches.

Although originally unscented and associated with religious ceremonies, you’ll find various scented candles for home use today. They typically come in packs of 12-24 pieces, so you can create multiple displays throughout your room at once or use one pack over time by replacing each candle after it has burned out completely before lighting another one up again.

These tiny tea lights provide enough light without being too bright and intrusive on the eyes while providing warmth and ambiance. They don’t take up too much space or become overwhelming, as larger-sized pillars might sometimes do.

The downside is that tea lights only last about four hours, so you may need to replace them often depending on how long you want your display lit up.

You can find multiple types of candles and related decorations at various home decor stores online.

Creative Ways to Display Candles in the Bedroom

While candles look elegant and inviting even when placed on a table or nightstand, you can beautify your bedroom more by creating a candle display. Some popular options include:

Floating Candle Displays

Place several small votives or tea lights in a shallow bowl filled with water and rose petals for an eye-catching centerpiece. For subtle lighting effects, you could also use floating tea lights in glass holders around the room.

Wall Sconces and Hanging Lanterns

Wall sconces or hanging lanterns provide a beautiful light backdrop when hung above beds, dressers, or other furniture pieces. Choose from classic designs like wrought iron wall sconces with candleholders, ornate chandeliers with multiple arms holding taper candles, or modern styles such as glass pendant lamps with pillar candles inside them.

Grouped on Shelves or Tables

Grouping several different types of candles on shelves or tables is another easy way to add visual interest while providing soft illumination throughout the room. Mix pillar candles of varying heights with colorful votives arranged in patterns along mantels, bookshelves, nightstands, and coffee tables—endless possibilities.

By choosing the right candle and exploring creative ways to display it, you can create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom that will fill it with warmth and relaxation.

Choosing the Right Scented Candle for Your Bedroom

The light emitted from your bedroom candles isn’t the only way they can beautify your bedroom. The scent you choose also helps create feelings of comfort and relaxation.

While you can find a nearly unlimited selection of scents available, scented candles are typically grouped into three broad categories:


Floral scents are often associated with relaxation due to their light yet sweet aroma. They help create a calming and soothing atmosphere. Popular fragrances for your bedroom include lavender, jasmine, rose, and chamomile.
Lavender has been linked to calming effects, while jasmine has an alluring aroma perfect for setting a romantic ambiance in the boudoir. Rose has one of the most classic floral fragrances that evoke nostalgia, while chamomile provides an herbal scent that promotes restful sleep.


Thanks to their bright notes of freshness, citrus scents offer a stimulating experience when used in the bedroom. They help energize and refresh. Lemon and orange scents are often a good choice for the bedroom.

Lemon's revitalizing fragrance is frequently used to freshen up the atmosphere. At the same time, orange provides a pleasing sweetness that won't be too overwhelming or cloying as some other citrus aromas can be. These two fragrances also pair well if you want something more complex than just one single-note scent in your space.


Woody scents create a cozy, inviting ambiance. They’re often more potent than the other types, with a smoky, heavier aroma. However, instead of feeling overwhelming, the scent of woody candles is warm and rich.

Popular scents include sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, and evergreen. You can also find woody candles with a dash of citrus, such as amber or lavender.

Candle Safety Tips

While candles are beautiful, they also differ from most other home decorations because they pose potential risks.

When appropriately used, candles are safe to keep in your bedroom, but you must always remain vigilant, as even a minor lapse in judgment can result in a fire. Here are some essential safety tips:

Always Consider Placement

Learning where to place candles in a bedroom is the key to style and safety.

Ensure they’re placed far from combustible materials like curtains, bedding, or furniture. Keeping them on non-flammable surfaces like tile or metal stands is best.

Don't Leave Them Unattended

Never leave lit candles unattended while you sleep or when leaving the room. Extinguish all flames and always double-check before leaving the area.

Use Proper Holders and Stands

Always use holders and stands explicitly designed for candles when displaying them in your bedroom. This will help ensure your candle remains upright throughout its burn time without tipping over onto any nearby flammable material. Also, never place a lit candle directly on wood surfaces since this could cause damage due to heat transfer from the flame.

Following these simple safety tips, you can enjoy beautifully scented candles in your bedroom without worry.

Enhancing Your Bedroom with Candlelight Ambiance

Candles help set a variety of moods. Here are some great ideas to create the perfect ambiance for any situation.

Use Different Colors of Candles

Adding different colored candles to your bedroom is an easy way to instantly change the room's mood. Whether it’s bright yellow or calming blue, each color has its unique energy that can be used to enhance your space.

For example, if you want a more romantic atmosphere for date night, try using pink or red candles around the room for a subtle glow. Or, if you need some extra motivation during study time, opt for energizing orange or yellow hues instead.

Change candle colors throughout the year to decorate for the holidays. For example, green and red decorative scented candles are perfect for adding some Christmas cheer.

Create an Intimate Setting with Soft Lighting

Nothing sets a romantic tone quite like candlelight. To achieve this effect in your bedroom, use multiple small tea lights rather than one large candle, as they provide enough light without overwhelming the eyes.

Place them strategically around your bedside table or dresser for a cozy feel when winding down at night before sleep. You could also place several votive candles along window sills and shelves throughout your room, giving off gentle glows while providing plenty of darkness so you can drift off into dreamland easily.

Mix and Match Different Types

Mixing up the shapes and sizes of candles is another great way to add visual interest to any space, especially bedrooms. Try grouping together pillar-style tapers on top of dressers or side tables; these look beautiful when lit up against dark walls creating shadows that dance across surfaces giving off even more characterful vibes.

If wall sconces are available, why not hang lanterns from them? These come in all sorts of designs, from modern metal frames with glass inserts to traditional wooden styles – perfect for adding texture and illumination into rooms where floor space may be limited, but creativity abounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have burning questions about decorating bedrooms with candles? Check out some quick answers below:

Candles can imbue a room with an atmosphere of comfort and charm. Choose the right size and shape of candles for your space. Tall tapers or pillars work well in larger rooms, while votives are perfect for smaller spaces.

Next, pick out colors that match your decor and scent preferences. Place candles on shelves, mantels, side tables, or even suspended from the ceiling with decorative holders to add a unique touch.

Finally, use varying heights and groupings of candles to create an eye-catching display that will set the mood for any occasion.

Create a romantic atmosphere with candles to make your bedroom feel special. Start by placing several pillar candles around the room, varying in size and height, for an exciting look. Place some on shelves or dressers and others on nightstands or windowsills.

Add votive candles to create more light and set the mood. Use scented candles to add a subtle aroma that will linger throughout the evening.

Finish off with string lights draped across the walls or ceiling for a cozy ambiance to transport you into another world of romance.

Opt for a locale that is aerated and clear of combustible substances or fabrics when displaying a candle in a chamber.

Place the candle on a stable surface like a plate or tray to catch any wax drips. Make sure it’s not too close to walls, curtains, furniture, or other items that could be damaged by heat or fire.

Use an appropriate holder for the size of your candle, and never leave it unattended while lit.

Adding a vibe to a room can be done in many ways. Inject life into your space by choosing the perfect hues; warm shades like reds, oranges, and yellows can create a welcoming aura, while cool tones like blues and greens bring a tranquil atmosphere.

Incorporate texture into the design with rugs, curtains, or throws that add visual interest. Add lighting fixtures that make the room feel cozy yet bright enough to work comfortably.

Finally, accessorize with artwork, plants, or bookshelves that reflect your style and complete any room's look.


Scented candles will help transform your bedroom into a beautiful and inviting sanctuary. You can create a calming and romantic atmosphere with the right ones and careful planning. So don’t be afraid to light up your life – let candles bring warmth and ambiance into your bedroom today.

If you’re ready to start, check out M Street Decor for your bedroom's best and most beautiful selection of scented candles.

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