Christmas Decoration Ideas You'll Love

Christmas Decoration Ideas You'll Love

Nothing welcomes the winter holidays like a tastefully furnished house. A festive table prepared with candied fruits, mouthwatering pastries, and fireplaces covered with seasonal decorations like holly berries, pine cones, and evergreen boughs marks the arrival of the holiday cheer. Let’s not forget the trail cocktails on your party-ready cart!

We have all been stuck inside our homes for two long years, giving us all the more reason to double the celebrations and holiday decorations this year! Why not deck the halls and rock around the Christmas tree when we've spent even more time at home over the past Christmas season? Consider it an opportunity to use all your creative skills and build the indoor winter wonderland of your dreams.

We firmly believe that home decorations need not be expensive. You can use affordable, small, reusable decorations that won't empty your pockets. 

Coming to the color scheme, you can choose the classic red and green holiday decorations or the subtler rose gold and Christmas blues. 

As for props, a simple vintage Christmas candy box makes an excellent setting for a mini tree, as does the old toy train set. 

Now is the time to channel your inner Monica Geller, get to work, and make sure your home looks no less than the winter wonderland you wanted! We have a bunch of Christmas decorations ideas for you to pick from for all your rooms. 

Take some suggestions from our colorful collection of lush garlands, magnificent Christmas wreaths, gorgeous Christmas table décor and centerpieces, and an abundance of Christmas tree designs. Here are some of our favorite 2022 Christmas decorating ideas.

#1 Give Your Old Decor A New Life

The traditional wreath, ribbons, metallic ornaments, golden bells, plants, pots, and every other piece of holiday decor kept in your room's store can all be used yearly. Maximize their utilization to avoid the expense of new decorative items. Buying new elements and Christmas decorations is optional when you already have two cartons from the past years.

 #2 Put Up A Garland Decorated With Ribbons 

​​Use a pine Garland to decorate your fireplace mantel or doors from the floor to the ceiling. You can use twines of different colors or ornaments with other Christmas ornaments like ribbons, balls, and bells. Try to fetch oversized garlands that look fuller and give you the space to decorate them with additional elements and glitters.

A stairwell garland is also one of the most brilliant Christmas decorations ideas. 

#3 Trash To Treasure In No Time

Use colorful and contrasting twines (say, blue and gold, or bright green and rose gold) and glue them around an old lightbulb and - voila! You have a brand-new homemade decorative piece. 

You can make the stem of the hanging using a little twig and the leaves by folding gold paper squares in half and cutting them into crescent shapes. When you're done, your dining table or mantle décor is ready.

#4 DIY Your Doorbells

Get a pair of molds and a Bundt pan. Stack them to make a bell and glue them together. That is one bell ready. Make a few more, and paint them silver or golden- glue small decorative balls for clappers. Lastly, make loops and bows out of ribbons and also use the same to hang bells on the front door. 

Of course, it is as customizable as any other DIY. You can add glitter balls, greenery, flowers, and more. Place them centrally on your main door to greet everyone with a warm welcome.

#5 Make A DIY Christmas Tree Topper

Christmas is the time for joy and celebrations. A boring tree topper is a big no, so try and make a glitzy or sparkly Christmas tree topper. Gather some silver curling sticks from your neighborhood craft store and wire the result to the top of your Christmas tree. If your household has primarily young members, this is the ideal plan for your tree. And guess what? It also works as the perfect New Year's decoration. You can also use hot pink and golden hues to add to the vibrancy.

#6 Use Mini Trees!

Are there corners where the decorations need to reach, but you need to figure out how? Use mini Christmas trees. Get hold of a copper cup or any other bowl, place a sparse alpine balsam fir in it, and that is your Christmas tree right there. Add vintage ornaments and pine cones to spruce it up. You can also place a dried-orange garland if you feel organic and decorate the side tables in the living or dining room. 

#7 Make A Gold Leaf Candle Holder

Gold leaf candle holders are a very subtle but beautiful option for Christmas. Start by cleaning the surface of cylindrical glass jars or candle holders and then apply gold leaf to the surface. 

Make a basic pattern or let it form its shape organically by applying adhesive to the surface with craft brushes. If you are using an adhesive, make sure to have one that is either milky white or clear. 

After using your hands to lightly sand the surface, use a soft-bristled brush in circular motions. Add as many layers as you wish and once you are satisfied with the outcome, let it sit to dry. We advise putting a thin, even layer of sealant on top after it has dried a bit.

#8 Use A Ladder

You can choose to be a little extra creative this holiday season and let Santa hang his messages and gifts on a ladder in muslin cloth bags. Alternatively, by hanging dates on the ladder levels, you could make a DIY advent calendar. It can be a memorable part of Christmas holiday decor for children if they find their treats and candies in muslin craft bags hanging down the ladder. 

Of course, you can add fresh greenery, classic Christmas colors, candy canes, and other Christmas decorations to complete the Christmas spirit. Also, consider adding a simple garland to it.

#9 Try Coordinated Gift Wrapping

Gifts wrapped in colorful wrapping papers look exciting, but how can we double it? How does the idea of coordinating a gift wrap with the color scheme of your living room sound? 

Make the holiday party more interesting by wrapping all your gifts in covers that match your theme for the season. Similarly, match your jewel tones, Christmas cards, and even ornaments with the same scheme, and watch how the holiday décor levels up. It is easy to find such elements in an online home decor store.   

#10 Prioritize The Color Scheme

Now that we have suggested coordinating gifts and ornaments with your color scheme, you also need to have a color scheme. Take out everything that matches your color code, even if you don't generally use it during the holiday season. Be it lamps, tins, toasters, tapes, or even your iron. Why should anything red and green (or any color your theme is) be inside during Christmas cheer? 

Get creative and deck your living room, dining room, and every other corner with matching hues. You may try spray painting too!

#11 Get The Plaid Out

School uniform is not the only place you can use plaid. Use it as a theme for your Christmas decorations for a timeless, traditional take on the festive feel. Never be afraid to combine plaids of various sizes and scales. You only want to avoid overusing them in a single pattern. 

Start with a transparent plaid garland, then add metallic decorations in solid colors on pine branches. 

The simplest and most cost-effective way to add plaid to your holiday decor is to use the presents you receive as Christmas decorations. Pick 1-2 solid patterns in complementary hues and a few rolls of present wrap with a plaid design. Mix and match ribbons for a tiered and organized presentation of gifts.

#12 Make Your Wreath

You don't need an actual wreath for it to serve the purpose of a Christmas decoration. Anything round will suffice! For example, a tree skirt painted and decorated looks wonderful, hung up on a blank wall, looking just like a wreath. Wagon wheels, old tires, biscuit tins, and mirror frames would work well in this situation if you decorate it correctly. 

#13 Your Kitchen Also Needs Christmas Decor

You should not enter the kitchen only for Christmas dinner. You need to add festive cheer to your kitchen too. Extend your Christmas decorating ideas to the kitchen and make cooking for the holidays more interesting by beautifying your kitchen. 

This holiday, you can adorn the kitchen with bright greens, from the garland over the stove (with enough distance in between, though!) to the miniature tree and vintage ornaments in a pitcher. Use red berries, flowers, and a cascading ribbon to finish the look.

#14 Not Just A Simple Sock

Little additions of tassels with a gentle aroma can be an outstanding sparkle for your sock. Collect five magnolia leaves and add two additional evergreens like pine or olive branches, a spiral eucalyptus, and a cluster of berries to begin. 

Set up the grouping so that the backdrop of the magnolia serves as the framework for the entire setup. When satisfied with the appearance, use florist tape to affix the stem bases. 

Use a long red ribbon to tie the arrangement together and continue wrapping the ribbon around the tape. Make a loop out of the loose ends that will fit over your stocking holder, drawer lever, or knob. Let the tails hang down after knotting once more to secure them. For a gentle touch and a feeling of movement, trim them so they sit just above the end of the greenery.

#15 DIY Chandelier Christmas Decoration

Christmas decorating ideas can get as wild as making your chandelier because there is nothing as good as handmade Christmas decorations. Use your installed lights and decorate those light fittings with berries and foliage. 

Trim magnolia leaves and arrange them around pillar candles on the holders. Also, tuck cypress twigs into the scrolls of the chandelier. 

Pro tip: Never use scented candles in the dining room. 

#16 No Fireplace, No Worries!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a functional fireplace to set up your Christmas decorations. Use one of your dining chairs and decorate its backside just as you would decorate your fireplace. 

You can even use string lights and lanterns in one specific corner of your living room for a warm glow. The best part is that it takes a few minutes to set up a place with lamps and lights.  

#17 A Holly Mistletoe Table Runner

A mistletoe table runner not only sounds like the perfect Christmas decoration, but it also has a very festive appearance. To make one of your own, cut light and dark green colored sheets for holly leaves. You can create leaf veins with a bone folder or a wooden skewer, and then you can use a dark green colored pencil to trace the creases. 

Place these leaves and red jingle bells (for berries) across the table, running down the middle, and your runner is ready!

#18 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

How is Christmas even complete without Santa at home? If you have never hoarded Santa figurines in the past, this is the ideal opportunity to do it. No matter how haphazardly arranged or what variety it contains, a collection of Saint Nicks will always look lovely on top of your mantel or desk.

#19 Origami For Your Christmas Decorations

Origami can look nice in your Christmas decorations, no matter how you choose to add it. Make it as vibrant or as white and golden as you like. Using origami, you can make miniature Christmas trees, stars, flowers, and even holly leaves. You can also try creating a string of colorful socks for all the lovely messages and gifts you will receive.

#20 Look For Mercury Glass

The good old mercury glass balls bring elegance and sparkle to what is already shiny. It looks so because it is made from natural materials. But its high shine and mirrored finish also complement expensive decorating styles. 

These decoration balls can be piled in a basket near the fireplace or used to decorate your Christmas tree. Their unusually huge size leaves a lasting impact. With these crystal ball ornaments, you can peek into Christmases in the past, present, and ahead.

We hope you find these decorating ideas helpful for this year's Christmas and celebrate with your family in complete joy and merry.

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